In 2011, a wave of revolutions shook the Arab world. Starting from Tunisia and Egypt, an unprecedented uprising of millions shook almost every Arab country, demanding »Bread, dignity and social justice«. Dubbed as the Arab Spring, the movement toppled dictators like Ben Ali and Mubarak, created new forms of democracy from below and send hopes to ordinary people for thorough social change. A few years later, the picture looked grim. Egypt saw a bloody military coup in 2013, the Syrian revolution was turned gradually into a bitter civil war, Yemen and Lybia were sent into chaos and despair by foreign intervention. What are the lessons of the Arab Spring 2011 and its aftermath? Hossam Hamalawy, a socialist who took part in the epic events of 2011 to 2013 in Egypt, will draw in this meeting the most important lessons. This is all the more welcome since the Arab world saw new movements and new hope last year, with mass revolts in Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon and Iraq.