Many have hoped that Bernie Sanders would be the Democrats’ candidate in the upcoming US presidential election to challenge Donald Trump. His campaign has inspired and activated millions of people in the United States. A grassroots movement of primarily newly politicized people built the backbone of the election campaign of a candidate who calls himself a democratic socialist. His candidacy became a symbol for an alternative to neoliberalism and a health system that benefits only a few and remains unaffordable for the poor. The corona crisis made obvious just how justified Sanders’ criticism really is. And yet Sanders was defeated by the dull and bland Joe Biden in the Democratic primary. How does the left in the United States react to the current threat of a global economic crisis and to growing political tensions? What role can the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) play, who have stated that the, and the are seeing an explosive growth of new members during the past few weeks? What remains of a nationwide network of groundwork and organizing? We will be discussing these and other questions with the American trade unionist and member of the DSA Eric Blanc, who is the author of the book »Red State Revolt« and was actively involved in building the Bernie Sanders campaign.